The Weird and Wonderful World of Korean Pizza

The Weird and Wonderful World of Korean Pizza

Sweet potato crust, fig and snail toppings—in a food that is otherwise conservative, Seoul’s pizza manufacturers aren’t afraid to experiment.

It’s a chilly cold temperatures early early morning in December, and walking into Jisoo Kim’s restaurant it is difficult not to ever straight away gravitate towards the hot range into the available kitchen area. Thirty-one-year-old Kim, the friendly owner and chef at “Pizza by the piece,” has already established a busy morning baking pizzas for a big purchase that came within the time prior to. He’s normally by himself, but his mother Alice has come in to help out today.

Kim, putting on their usual red baseball limit, slides a sliced, rectangular pizza right into a package and Alice adds it to your stack of others, that are now being held hot by the electric heated mat and two blankets. Xmas tree lights wink within the part; folded, always check blankets sleep on seat backs; and hip that is korean team Dynamic Duo plays throughout the speakers.

It’s noon, so when Kim bins up the pizza that is last a team of middle college students and Kia workers marches in. Kim looks momentarily panicked—he requires to drop this order down before they can begin cooking. He quickly bundles up the containers and hurries out to their automobile. The Kia workers eye him drive down.

Kim makes a pizza with half regarding the it covered with his do-it-yourself ranch sauce as well as partner, a tomato sauce.

“i’ve to rush,” Kim says, while awaiting the lift at Seoul nationwide University of Education, the distribution target, positioned just about to happen from their eatery within the higher Gangnam region. He smiles. “Most Koreans, these are typically maybe perhaps not extremely patient in terms of food.” “Why therefore belated?” he says they’ll ask. Kim claims their customers that are foreign complain about waiting.

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