Sexual inquiries: ‘Don’t risk intercourse without a condom’

Sexual inquiries: ‘Don’t risk intercourse without a condom’

Andrologist and microsurgeon Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti should be responding to rediff visitors’ intimate questions on a basis that is weekly.

Final thirty days, we invited Get Ahead readers to mail inside their concerns. This is actually the 2nd group of reactions :

Is sex with prostitute girls and understood ladies safe or otherwise not? Exactly what are the guidelines or medications should after be taken had sex using them despite the fact that putting on condom? Please think over this as priority post and question your remarks.

Thanks & Regards Manian

No intercourse is truly 100 per cent secure since most folks are notorious liars about their intimate techniques — even partners. With prostitutes, the danger increases several-fold. In reality, the standard mode is certainly one of contracting an STD (intimately transmitted disease/s). Known women can (and do) have facets that are many might be unknown for you. This may include being good for STDs, including HIV. Celibacy and masturbation will be the just 100 % practices that are safe! Doing risky intercourse after which using ‘umbrella’ medicine just isn’t a good or constantly effective concept.

Dear Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti,

I just got some bump that is red my internal penis skin.I didn’t intercourse with any woman i recently masturbate a great deal. Nevertheless now days it really is irritation whenever I do masturbate, please assist me away offer me some recommendations.

Real lesions regarding the penis must not be identified and treated without medical assessment, or at the least photographs that are clinical. You’ll want to see an andrologist. Continue reading →